A notez que le logiciel vous propose une barre de recherche pour vos produits, ce qui est pratique en cas de produits nombreux. Pour obtenir vos réponses, vous pourrez adhérer au club Dolibarr créé spécialement par cette association. Offre exclusive As it is a modular tool, it can be likened to the different needs of each company.

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Manual Installation This step is the most recommended for software installation.

If you have some knowledge in web administration, you will have no trouble following the directions below to manually install your software Dolibarr. Here are the steps to install and configure your software: -Download The software -Choose The web server where the application will be used -Click On the install button to display the wizard -Define If you want to install a shortcut icon on the desktop or not -Launch The wizard to install components needed to run the software.

Once the installation is complete, settings will be displayed for the first use of the software Dolibarr. Everything is ready for you to effectively use your software to suit your needs.

Dolibarr, un CRM libre et gratuit pour gérer votre activité

How to configure Dolibarr software? Dolibarr strength lies in the fact that it fits every need with its different modules. For this, it is important to configure it according to your business, by filling in the necessary information to manage your business.

Here are the steps for configuring your software: Configure your company — Launch Dolibarr by clicking the icon on your desktop — Ask Your administrator account to access your user interface — Configurez Your company by clicking on the menu that is to the left of your screen. Specify information about your company, namely the company name, company name, contact information and of course its headquarters.

This is important since it affects certain modules.

The LEDs on the modules you selected turn green. Note that there are core modules and additional modules, up to you to choose according to your needs — Once Activated, your modules will be displayed on the top menu bar. You simply click on a module to launch its use.

However, note that some modules require additional configuration to be functional. Consider also choose menu manager set me by going to Home-Setup-menus. Check user rights To allow some people to have access to your software, Dolibarr set up user rights management.


You will be able to affect some people with a specific role in the handling of the software, since no one but the administrator can not use this software. In this case, remember to change user rights according to your convenience. How to use the Dolibarr software for its activities? This section will help you to use your software in the daily processing the most used modules for TPE and PME, namely, the business proposal or quotation, billing, product management and configuration of VAT.

Billing Module To help you in creating, editing, managing and tracking your customer invoices, this software has an invoice module.

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You just have to activate it and configure it to your needs. Note that the software also offers the service module if you are a service provider and a stock module. A note that the software offers a search bar for your products, which is handy in case of numerous products.

The Dolibarr foundation to answer questions To answer your questions about using this software, the Dolibarr foundation offers help.

2) Crème CRM

Those are certified professionals that meet your demands regarding the bespoke developments, the main features of the tool or the versions available. For your answers, you can join the club Dolibarr specially created by the association.

La version standard comprend de multiples modules que vous pourrez ou non activer. Vous utilisez un seul outil où toutes les informations sont centralisées.

Vous gagnez du temps sur un grand nombre de tâches chronophages, ce qui vous permettra de vous consacrer pleinement au développement de votre activité. Les offres Dolibarr Dolibarr est un logiciel libre, totalement gratuit. Seuls certains plug-ins, extensions et modules complémentaires sont payants et disponibles sur le Dolistore. Vous pouvez faire également appel à un prestataire pour héberger, installer et configurer la solution.