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Carbonite is probably one of the most reliable online backup tools and can back up email, documents, POS files, financial data, pictures and other multimedia, and more.

Why do I include it here? I always set up an NT Backup to run once a week or month, depending upon the needs , just to have it clear the Exchange logs.

But it falls into place next to Acronis as a feature-rich tool that can do everything — including recover to dissimilar hardware. ShadowProtect 4 also includes an easy-to-use tool that allows you to consolidate backup image files and convert the backups to either. VHD or.

VMDK virtual machines. Another outstanding feature is its granular recovery, which allows for the quick recovery of individual files from within a backup.

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Unique to ShadowProtect is the Virtual Boot technology, which provides for automatic failover to a virtual server. Figure E ShadowProtect 4 Which backup? Every company needs a backup plan. How far you go with your backup depends upon the size of the company, your needs, and your budget.

But any of the above solutions will serve as a great place to start — or stop — for your Windows Server backup needs. A magical shelf to hold little bits of text you want to keep handy.

Keep information or notes outside the document. A great place to store information and instructions for a writing partner or an editor.

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A handy list of all the images and files imported into your document. Go beyond Dark Mode, with 10 unique themes in a range of styles to suit any mood, or build your own with our Theme Builder. Get more written with focused writing sessions. The ultimate distraction-free screenwriting experience.

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Keep your notes right where you need them. Forget how to center something? The answer is a glance away.

No more tabs. Characters, Parentheticals and Dialogue indent as you type.

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Templates for things beyond screenplays. Works in both the Editor and export.

Screenplay PDFs are no longer frozen in carbonite.